Ea700 modules
EA700 serie modules

Eela Audio produces a large series special modules to be used in meterbridges of S120, S130, S340 and S440 mixing consoles. These units are also used to produce special solutions like producer and presenter desks.
The modules are 40 mm wide and 3U high to fit into standard racks.
Available are over 50 different types of modules, the most important are listed here:

EA704 Console loud speaker (2U)
EA709 Dual led peak meter to DIN specifications
EA760 Meter module with

EA7566 way stereo selector (passive)
EA75711 way stereo selector (passive)
EA757/312 way stereo selector (electronic)
EA757/912 way universal control module

EA706/1 6 way intercom
EA706/2 12 way intercom
EA876 Stand alone intercom post

EA751/2 Studio monitor

EA732/1 Dual AUX master
EA733 Stereo output interface

EA712/2 DCF real time PIP clock MASTER incl. receiver (2U)
EA717/1 Studio timer (2U)
EA724 Slave timer (2U)
EA768 Text display module with 2 displays (2U)

EA710 Oscillator
EA721/1A Stereo compressor / limiter audio version
EA721/1D Stereo compressor / limiter DC version
EA753Headphone amplifier

Rack housings:

EA700R6 Eurocard rack for 6U modules
EA700R11 Eurocard rack 19" 3U high for 11U modules
EA700R12 Eurocard rack for 12U modules
EA700R18 Eurocard rack for 18U modules

EA805 Separate power supply for units
EA700 series units, 40 mm wide.