Signalling units:
Eela Audio interfaces for switching on-air lamps:
EA963 GPIO extender
The EA862 is a universal 110 / 230 Volts 50/60 Hz solid state relays unit for switching on-air lamps.
Opto coupler inputs for studio and control room and 3 mains circuits to drive the Studio and Control Room lamp as well as an output for both.
EA862 solid state relays unit
The EA963 GPIO extender is the switching interface between the D3 8 fader and D4 16 fader digital audio mixers and the outside world. For some applications there is a need for more than the available General Purpose Input and Output contacts available on the basic mixing desk. With the EA963 you can expand this with an additional 16 GPI/GPO and control signal lamps as well.
The EA963 has 16 opto isolated GPI’s and 16 GPO’s on 2 pcs. 25 pin D-type connectors, pin compatible with the connector on the D3. Furthermore it also has 4 solid state relays for switching mains voltage signal lamps for on-air or incoming phone call indicators.
The connection to the D-BUS is made with a standard CAT5 cable. The unit has a loop-true connector for future applications.

Mains power supply: wide range system 85 .. 260 Volts AC, 47 .. 440 Hz.