Eela Audio offers a wide range of digital and analogue mixing desk for the radio and television broadcast market. Typical broadcast functions you will find on all Eela Audio mixing desks are fader and / or button start, monitor speaker mute or dim upon opening a control room microphone, studio foldback facilities, red-light signalling outputs and of course the ability to handle "outside sources" by means of "cleanfeeds / N-1" with talkback.

Broadcast is highly nationalistic in its engineering specifications and operational practices. With our more than 35 year experience we can fulfill the majority of broadcast requirements.
D3 Digital broadcast & AV mixing desk
The digital D3 is a true universal dual tasking broadcast mixer, designed with modern broadcast techniques in mind.
It has all broadcast facilities you generally only find on very large and much more expensive units. The latest version comes with an adjustable built-in delay to compensate for video latency or for use in small PA systems.
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Analogue, VCA controlled On Air mixer, designed for smaller stations such as Community radios and Local radio stations. Available in several frame sizes the SRM enables you to go On Air with minimum cost and time. read more..
SRM radio on-air mixing desk
SBM 90 heavy duty on-air mixing desk
ON-AIR mixer for local and community radio stations designed for 24/7/52/many* use with an absolute minimum of maintenance.
A professional and multi functional product which combines its user-friendly working surface with tremendous reliability. With all communication facilities built in, and the Penny & Giles studio faders broadcasters around the world adapted the SBM90 for their daily work.
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S130 broadcast mixing desk
A "universal" digital controlled analogue mixing desk that can be configured as a production mixing desk for radio and television or as a on-air mixing desk with all the facillities moders broadcasters are using.  read more..
S120 universal mixing desk
The S120 can be seen as a Classic mixer design, suitable for most audio productions. Hundreds of these mixers are in daily use in radio and television studio's. It is available in a large number of sizes and configurations.
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S340 DJ on-air mixing desk
It is the DJ mixing desk that offers enormous operational flexibility and the ability to communicate with PC based equipment. The dual input modules and the very large amount of available meter bridge modules makes it possible to tailor the S340 to your specific needs.
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Eela Audio mixing desk
D4 Digital on-air-production mixing desk
D4 professional all digital dual DSP "on-air" mixing console with 16 input faders, 32 stereo inputs and 16 outputs in total for up to 10 cleanfeeds.
2 touch screen color displays for meters and settings.
Programmable channel on/off / start button for each input fader.
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EA 916 Journalist unit
Not a real mixing desk in the traditional sense but USB a audio module with built-in hybrid and line and microphone mixer. Ideal for a journalist to record a telephone interview directly to any computer from his desk.
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S50 Reportomix, battery powered mixing desk
An very rugged, battery powered professional mixing desk.4 microphone / line inputs with phantom powering, 2 main outputs with Sifam VU meters. Full lenght conductive plastic faders and all the facillities yopu expect on a professional portable mixing desk.
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Not in regular production anymore: