D3 All digital broadcast & AV mixing desk
The digital D3 is a true universal dual tasking broadcast mixer, designed with modern broadcast techniques in mind.
The latest versions also has an adjustable delay for up to 100 msec in the output to compensate for video latency in television systems.
It has all facilities you generally only find on very large and much more expensive units:
- 8 fader channels with 3 inputs each, independent dual stereo balanced and digital outputs.
- A bright, full color touch screen which is amazingly intuitive to operate.
- Equalizer, dynamics and all settings that can be stored per input in up to 32 presets
- Mono / stereo switching, phase reverse, M/S stereo, low-pass filter per channel.
- Prefade listening, fader start and the much appreciated button start.
- Straight forward general purpose remote contacts for easy interfacing of all kind of equipment or automation systems.
- Extensive monitoring, PPM meters.
- Programmable stereo busses for studio foldback or outside source feed,
- Telephone hybrid interfacing with TalkBack and even DTMF tone dialing.

With the dual outputs in combination with the very flexible AUX busses you can do a live broadcast and a recording at the same time! Recording a telephone conversation while on air with another broadcast is no problem. The unit is also perfectly suited for voice tracking while on-air. The possibility to connect up to 4 telephone hybrids makes it an ideal unit for sports broadcasts or call show.

The latest firmware version includes a built-in sine wave and pink noise generator, a 'signal present' indicator at the input faders and
an adjustable delay for up to 100 msec. at the outputs to compensate for video latency or to use in small PA systems.
All previously shipped mixing desks can be upgraded with this version.

Download brochure in pdf format.

Want to see how it works? Here you can find the "active" manual of the D3 that will give you an idea of the possibilities
D3 back
Table top or 19 inch rackmount, you can mount the unit in a rack without extra space above the unit for connectors.
More technical information can be found at http://www.eela.nl/D3TI

D3 connection panel:

- 6 balanced microphone inputs with 48V phantom powering.
- 2 AES/EBU inputs,
- 16 unbalanced line inputs,
- 2 independent stereo outputs balanced analog and AES/EBU,
- 4 busses programmable for Aux, Cleanfeed or Foldback,
- Monitor loudspeaker,
- Headphones with connector on the front and on the back,
- USB, LAN and DBUS connectors,
- 25 pin D connector with GPI/O opto isolated contacts.
- Decent power supply connector (4-pin XLR)

Available options:

- EA963 19 inch, 1U rackunit with an additional 16 GPI and GPO and 4 solid state 24..230V AC relais to switch on-air lamps etc.

- EA924 An additional 19 inch, 1U rackunit with 4 x 2 premium quality balanced input amplifiers to interface balanced equipment. This unit can also be used with other unbalanced input equipment e.g. SRM mixing desks.

- EA926, quad stereo balancing unit, unbalanced inputs and high quality balanced outputs.   

D3 main screen
D3 input channel setting